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Subject: Re: vorbis comment patch

Re: vorbis comment patch

From: Magnus Holmgren <>
Date: 2005-07-10

On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Pedro Vasconcelos wrote:

> I found an error in the playback parsing of vorbis comments: for files
> with non-numeric data in the DATE and TRACKNUMBER tags the parser would
> corrupt the remaing tags. I'm attaching a patch that corrects this and
> also adds the parsing of the COMPOSER tag (useful for classical music
> fans like me).
> The patch also removes the test that enforces numeric fields to contain
> only digits. What it now does is just verify that the field begins with
> a digit; this means that a tag like 'TRACKNUMBER=10/12' will be accepted
> (and tracknumber set to 10). This behaviour is more tolerant of slight
> incorrections in tagging and avoid the extra tests.
> If and when everyone is happy with this I can commit it to the CVS.

No complaint about your patch, but maybe I should've commited my patch (on
the tracker btw) after all. It "includes" your fixes... :) Btw, there is a
track_string field in the mp3entry struct, which is checked before the
numeric field. Just copy the string there...

Magnus Holmgren

Received on Sun Jul 10 22:48:34 2005

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