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Subject: Re: Iriver: 48kHz Ogg turns on radio?

Re: Iriver: 48kHz Ogg turns on radio?

From: Ryan Jackson <>
Date: 2005-07-15

On 7/14/05, Magnus Holmgren <> wrote:
> I've tried it now, but the solution wasn't quite that easy. Since MP3
> resampling works fine, but not Vorbis, it looks like a codec problem, but
> I don't know more than that, I'm afraid.

You're right, it is a codec problem. The vorbis code only configures
the mac in ov_open1(). This isn't a problem until the resampler is
used because it reconfigures the mac each time upsample() or
downsample() is called. Result: garbled output from Tremor.

I've changed the inline assembly routines in Tremor to re-init the mac
each time they're called. 48kHz Oggs sound perfect, but 24 and 32kHz
Oggs still have a fair bit of static. MP3 does too, but not quite as

Ryan Jackson
Received on Fri Jul 15 08:27:27 2005

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