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Subject: RE: bluechip's devkit & codecs

RE: bluechip's devkit & codecs

From: Mark Bright <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 08:29:21 +0100

I have just installed the latest DevKit on my laptop, and have tried to use
the CVS commands as documented on the Cyborg Systems site. However they
seem to be out of date..
"cvs co rockbox-devel"

Checking on the Rockbox site it quotes

If you are not a registered developer, use this method. When asked for a
password, just press enter:
   cvs login
   cvs -z3 co rockbox

BTW, when I tried that I got...
Cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed:
Connection timed out
I then realised that port 2401(TCP) needed to be allowed thro' the

Would it be worth adding a reminder to that effect?

I then tried to build the simulator, ran rbconf, selected H120/140, Sim,
Windows, etc and got...
Sing gcc 3.3.1 (303)
wc: not found
head: not found
 is a fine sed
Created Makefile

I then ran make and got an error:
Make[1]: *** No rule to make target '_at_make'. Stop
Make: *** [all] Error 2

When I build the H120/140 firmware rbconf states
Using m68k-elf-gcc 3.4.3 (304)
Created Makefile

I then run make, and numerous CC lines scroll past till it reaches
Make[1]: /home/guest/rockbox-devel/tools/convbdf: Command not found
Make[1]: *** [/home/guest/rockbox-devel/MyH140Build/firmware/sysfont.o]
Error 127
Make[1]: *** [all] Error 2

Now, I am a real novice at this stuff, and I am happy to accept that I may
have screwed up, but if someone can point out wher I will be happy... Better
still if it helps improve the documentation in future - All the better

|-----Original Message-----
|[] On Behalf Of BlueChip
|Sent: 16 July 2005 01:25
|To: Rockbox development
|Subject: Re: bluechip's devkit & codecs
|This is now identified as being a problem with the "daily
|tarball" ...not the DevKit.
|If you are using my DevKit, your best long-term solution is to
|read the CVS-HOWTO document (in the DevKit) ...there is a
|summary at the bottom if you don't care 'how' or 'why' it works.
|The DevKit has built in commands for CVS newbies CVSGET and
|CVSUP; one gets a cvs release, the other updates it as and
|when you so desire.
|Alternatively you can download tomorrow's daily tarball and
|hopefully Bagders update has fixed this specific problem.
|>I have the same problem with BlueChips' DevKit V3.10 I installed on
|>The log shows following error messages:
|><<<<<<<<<<<<< up to this stage all seems fine, but then:
|>Build LDS file
|>LD rockbox.elf
|>basename: not found <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< first error
|>Build firmware file
|>cat: SOURCES: No such file or directory <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< next error
|>cat: SOURCES: No such file or directory MAKE in libmad
|>basename: not found <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< appears very often
|>(libmad) cc
|>After all the libraries *.a of the codecs are built fine, but no
|>*.codecs have been created.
|>Because I am currently not touching the codec-development, it
|is not a
|>big problem, to separately download them, but I'am
|desperately missing
|>the sims.

Received on 2005-07-16

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