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Subject: Re: New thoughts about the volume

Re: New thoughts about the volume

From: Martin Borus <>
Date: 2005-07-18

On 7/18/05, André Scheffler <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I know there have been several discussions about the volume in rockbox and
> that it's lower then the volume of the original firmware on some devices,
> i.e. iRiver H1x0.
> As often explained the reason for that is the Bass/Trebble setting which
> lowers the overall volume by up to 24dB (or was it 16dB?), so that no
> clipping occurs.
> But what has been overseen in this discussion is, that mostly the
> Bass/Trebble never reaches the 0dB-border, so you would only need to lower
> the overall volume by maybe 20 dB or even less.
> So what I would "recommend" is an adjustable "volume-limiter", so you could
> say "Limit the max. volume to: -4dB" or whatever you feel comfortable with
> and depending on the music you are listening to.

I agree with that. I use the Iriver mainly for timeshifting satellite
radio. Some of these mp2-rips are very low in volume, so if it's
technically possible, I'd love the volume to go up to 200%.



Received on Mon Jul 18 07:46:14 2005

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