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Subject: Re: Help! Adapter problem

Re: Help! Adapter problem

From: BlueChip <>
Date: 2005-07-19

At 00:38 19/07/2005, you wrote:
>Okay, I noticed that the cord on my Arcos adapter is lose at the square part
>of the adapter, I also noticed its a little split. Now, it still works, but
>can I take it somewhere to get it fixed?
>Sarai D. Bucciarelli

If it's screwed, pull it apart, chop out the bit of broken wire and
reconnect the ends - MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CROSS THE WIRES - for that is
certain death for your jukebox.

If it is welded, get a replacement. You will need to match the voltage,
and some will argue the current too (the mA (milliAmp) number) ...but if
you need to mismatch the current, try to go just OVER rather than just
under, and don't leap by more than about 200mA.

Hope that makes sense,


Received on Tue Jul 19 02:26:32 2005

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