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Subject: Re: WPS not working anymore

Re: WPS not working anymore

From: nobby nobbs <>
Date: 2005-07-20

The code does exactly what its supposed to do. If you wanted to have it go
blank after 15 seconds, try:

%?iy<%t7.5%fbkbps [%iy]|%t0>;%t7.5%fbkbps %ffHz;%sNext:
%?It<%t15%?Ia<%Ia - >%It|%?Fm<%t15%Fm|%t0>;%t99;t99;t99>

(after the 15 seconds, it will show blank for 99 seconds repeated 3 times
(i think theres a 2 digit limit on %tXX)

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:53:01 +0100, Salokyn <> wrote:

> Hi, I use that line in my WPS file on my JBR15 :
> %?iy<%t7.5%fbkbps [%iy]|%t0>;%t7.5%fbkbps %ffHz;%sNext:
> %?It<%t15%?Ia<%Ia - >%It|%?Fm<%t15%Fm|%t0>>
> It's a bit complicated, it shows :
> <bitrate>kbps [<date>] (for 7.5sec if date is available);
> <bitrate>kbps <freq>Hz (for 7.5sec);
> Next: <next autor> - <next trackname> (for 15sec if next track infos are
> available)
> It used to work well some time ago but now, as soon as infos of the next
> track are available, cycle doesn't work anymore, it only shows <next
> autor> - <next trackname>
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