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Subject: Iriver crossfading mix-mode feedback.

Iriver crossfading mix-mode feedback.

From: Martin Borus <>
Date: 2005-07-23


I really enjoy the new crossfading mix mode. I've played with it
at 4-6 seconds settings with 44.1 kHz mp3 files and it works great
if you leave the unit playing unattended. I checked about 50 fades
yesterday and most sounded nice.

Some problems:
When I'm early into a track (like the first 2 seconds) and then try
to change back to the previous track the Iriver hangs very often. I then
have to press STOP and PLAY to get it to play again. Playback starts at the
previous track then.

Also, when I skip tracks the unit crossfades into the next track instead of
mixing or doing a clean cut. This is unexpected behaviour, but I quite like it:
It sounds better than the abrupt track change.


Received on Sat Jul 23 10:13:45 2005

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