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Subject: Re: iRiver On button Problem

Re: iRiver On button Problem

From: Mat Holton <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 12:50:11 +0100

Thanks for your advice. The problem has now got worse.After I flashed the Rockbox bootloader, it refused to restart (directly after flashing)so I pressed reset. The rockbox screen came up but that's it.And it wouldn't boot into the iRiver firmware either...just stopped at the iRiver screen.Now, it's even worse. I managed to get all of the music off the drive, then it ran out of power.So I took it home and recharged (interestingly, I have 'hacked' the charger as it was american socket style, I soldered some 240V cable onto the contacts of the mains plug, could this be a problem? The reportfrom my multimeter is what the iRiver is expecting). Anyway, now it won't come on at all!!!The last thing I noticed was the digital out, was perminantly displaying a red light...So, do you think iRiver will repair (at a price) now I have put Rockbox bootloader on it?I would really like this thing to work, if onyl for the quieter hard drive (it's amazing how loud my Archos is!).>My experience is based not as an engineer, but
as one that had his player>crashed five times (that is 5 times!) at the one warranty-year... : />(I've fried my player using 12 AC voltage, It bricked after two separate>times of bad firmware upgrades... one time the main lcd screen broke...)>Anyways, I really don't think this is caused by the battery - as if it was>you just couldn't use it at all. If it's really fried it's all the way DEAD.>Bad firmware upgades can cause lots of stuff. for me at the 1st bricked>player it was because a firmware upgrade didn't turned off the player after>waiting for more then 5 minuts. I reset the player and it worked for one>last time after turning off it never came back on.>Please make sure that you are using the right origin upgrade for your>player, I believe that was a factor.>try to update with the bootloader installed/uninstalled - whatever you>didn't do the last time.>F.Y.I, Iriver still fixes bricked players, Even after warranty voides.>Usually they don't charge you for nothing But they only fix them in Japan...>oth
r way, Try finding someone with a BDM controller and reflash the>firmware. I think this is way cooler ;)

"There's nothing that's new under Heaven, there's nothing unique over Hell" -- Chumbawamba

Surface Inspection Ltd

Received on 2005-07-28

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