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Subject: Re: iRiver On button Problem

Re: iRiver On button Problem

From: Liberman Shachar <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 17:59:10 +0200

(interestingly, I have 'hacked' the charger as it was american socket style,
I soldered some 240V cable onto the contacts of the mains plug, could this
be a problem?)
    why did you do that? couldn't you just use a socket adapter? Good news
is your multimeter works. Here (Israel) I have an adapter for the 240V
network and yeah this shouldn't be a problem as the charger knows how to
deal with it.
anyways it supposed to be a bad idea flashing with low battery / not
connected to the charger - as described in the manual.
I would suggest you to keep trying going through a complete upgrade, No wait
you are after that stage. Just be happy you could have save your data - I
believe this is due to rockbox having a usb mode without loading the
firmware. (If it was installed at that time, You can read about it in the
It's known iRiver policy is way less strict then archos's. I never heard of
a story of someone sending in a bad player and not getting it fixed. (This
accutally did happend with archos players bricked with RB.) the coolest
thing is you can flash the player yourself if you are willing to read a lot
to learn about, Or find someone with a BDM interface to help you with that
(Which I really have no idea how you'll do that)
Good day!

"Mat Holton" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for your advice. The problem has now got worse.After I flashed the
> Rockbox bootloader, it refused to restart (directly after flashing)so I
> pressed reset. The rockbox screen came up but that's it.And it wouldn't
> boot into the iRiver firmware either...just stopped at the iRiver
> screen.Now, it's even worse. I managed to get all of the music off the
> drive, then it ran out of power.So I took it home and recharged
> (interestingly, I have 'hacked' the charger as it was american socket
> style, I soldered some 240V cable onto the contacts of the mains plug,
> could this be a problem? The reportfrom my multimeter is what the iRiver
> is expecting). Anyway, now it won't come on at all!!!The last thing I
> noticed was the digital out, was perminantly displaying a red light...So,
> do you think iRiver will repair (at a price) now I have put Rockbox
> bootloader on it?I would really like this thing to work
> , if onyl for the quieter hard drive (it's amazing how loud my Archos
> is!).

>My experience!
> is based not as an engineer, but as one that had his player>crashed five
> times (that is 5 times!) at the one warranty-year... : />(I've fried my
> player using 12 AC voltage, It bricked after two separate>times of bad
> firmware upgrades... one time the main lcd screen broke...)>Anyways, I
> really don't think this is caused by the battery - as if it was>you just
> couldn't use it at all. If it's really fried it's all the way DEAD.>Bad
> firmware upgades can cause lots of stuff. for me at the 1st bricked>player
> it was because a firmware upgrade didn't turned off the player
> after>waiting for more then 5 minuts. I reset the player and it worked for
> one>last time after turning off it never came back on.>Please make sure
> that you are using the right origin upgrade for your>player, I believe
> that was a factor.>try to update with the bootloader
> installed/uninstalled - whatever you>didn't do the last
> time.>F.Y.I, Iriver still fixes bricked players, Even after warranty
> voides.>Usually the!
> y don't charge you for nothing But they only fix them in Japan...>othe
> r way, Try finding someone with a BDM controller and reflash
> the>firmware. I think this is way cooler ;)
> "There's nothing that's new under Heaven, there's nothing unique over
> Hell" -- Chumbawamba
> Surface Inspection Ltd
> _______________________________________________

Received on 2005-07-28

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