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Subject: Re: matsl: apps/lang svenska.lang,1.66,1.67

Re: matsl: apps/lang svenska.lang,1.66,1.67

From: Mats Lidell <>
Date: 2005-08-07

>>>>> Magnus wrote:

Magnus> Hm... This translation is not correct. Replaygain is about
Magnus> changing playback volume (up or down);

OOPS! (As you might understand!?) I by mistake read it "replay again"
which I though was a strange feature but not strange enough to
recognize my mistake. Thanks for the feedback.

Magnus> see (or even Wikipedia) for details. For
Magnus> now I'd suggest to leave the word "replaygain" untranslated,
Magnus> as I don't know of a good translation for it.

Well, I will sleep on it.

I have this idea to try hard to find a Swedish translation, even if
they are bad. At the same time I also try to do it fast just by
examining the lang file. This means that I often haven't got a clue
what I'm translating. I use this method assuming it is better to have
a bad translation than none and at the same time to provoke some
feedback. Comments!?


%% Mats
Received on Sun Aug 7 01:07:03 2005

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