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Subject: Re: CAN ROCKBOX DO...


From: David Pedersen <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 08:56:59 -0400

First of all: I am sorry for causing you problem. I din
t know, that you have spent tons of time on removing the pauses between
songs. And actually, in the general, that is a great thing, specially when
you have ripped a CD with some kind of nature sounds, or other stuff, that
should not have the pauses. Thanks for all that time and effort. Just that
in some cases, it would have been nice to turn on pauses... DonĘt know
anything about the programming behind RockBox, but maybe it would be posible
to make a choice that simply gave you the original pausing...

You say, that there is a Pitch adjustment in the recorder version? I am
rrunning the 2.4 recorder version, but donĘt find it. (yes, I have a Jukebox
Recorder...:)) Where is it?

Further, you tell that I should be able to delete files/folders. How, or
where, do I do that. Are those functions not available with speech? Or did
you mean, they are coming in 2.5?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Linus Nielsen Feltzing" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 3:03 AM
Subject: Re: CAN ROCKBOX DO...

> David Pedersen wrote:
>> 1) Variable speed - speed up, or slow down, an mp3 clip. Would be very
>> useful when reading audiobooks.
> There is a pitch setting in the Archos Recorder version of Rockbox, but
> not a pitch-preserving playback speed setting.
>> 2) Pause between songs. Is it, or would it be, posible to make the
>> jukebox insert 3-5seconds pause, between audio clips in playback?
> It's funny, we've spent hours and hours of engineering time to get rid of
> the pauses between songs, and now you want to insert it... :-)
> We'll consider it for upcoming versions.
>> 3) Different configurations for certain directories/folders. Let's say
>> that you want bookmarking turned on when reading audiobooks, but when in
>> your music collection, you don't want that function turned on. Would you
>> then be able to save a configuration file in the folder where you have
>> your audiobooks, and each time you go into this folder, the config-file
>> will automatically be loaded.
> This is not currently supported, but many people have asked for it. One of
> those days it might become reality. Don't hold your breath though.
>> 4) Playback for AUDIBLE audiobooks. I know that Audible have their own
>> standard, but would it be posible to have Rockbox reading, and playing
>> that standard?
> No, sorry. The Audible format is proprietary.
>> 5) Delete function. Kind of nice, not having to connect the unit to the
>> computer to do every little detail. Deleting and/or moving songs is one
>> of those things, you would appriciate to do on the go... :)
> You can already files and directories, but not move them.
>> 6) Speaking menus even in playback mode. As a blind person, I would love
>> that. Of course, such a feature should be posible to turn on/off.
> This is not possible on the Archos models, since the MP3 decoder can't
> decode more than one stream at a time. It will probably be implemented on
> the players with software decoding, such as iriver and iaudio.
>> 7) Some kind of audible signal that indicates start/pause/stop in
>> Recording Mode. Sometimes, i.e when recording a conference, it is hard to
>> remember if you are recording, or not.
> This is already implemented in the daily builds.
> Linus
> _______________________________________________

Received on 2005-08-10

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