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Subject: buffer overflow in dsp.c when playing low-frequency stereo files

buffer overflow in dsp.c when playing low-frequency stereo files

From: Frederic Devernay <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:34:55 +0200


Hi just added this patch:

If you happen to play 8kHz stereo files on rockbox with the DSP enabled (e.g. on
iriver), you'll clearly see a buffer overflow on the screen (the fonts get
erased!). On Linux, it runs smoothly, and on Windows it does a floating point
exception or a segfault.

After a few hours of work on this, I finally found this comment in dsp.c:

#define RESAMPLE_BUF_SIZE (256 * 4) /* Enough for 11,025 Hz -> 44,100 Hz*/

But in fact, the fix for this was not to change this buffer size! Almost
everything was in place in playback.c to use several times the resample buffer
if necessary. I just had to fix a few lines in dsp_output_size() and

I also thought carefully about what these functions should return:
dsp_output_size should give a majorant of the output buffer size
dsp_input_size should give a minorant of the buffer input size.

In fact, I could rewrite dsp_input_size() so that it gives the _exact_ input
buffer size, using the pre-computed delta used for upsampling AND downsampling.
Of course, I made sure there's no yield() between this and dsp_process(), so
that the value cannot change.

Consequently, dsp_input_size() should ALWAYS be called after dsp_output_size(),
in case dsp_output_size() detected an overflow.

In case there remains a bug in my code, I put some protection code, and DEBUGF()
that will make the problem clearly visible on the simulator.

Now, you can play audio data sampled at ANY frequency on rockbox.

Oh, the patch adds also one line to playback.c so that rockbox doesn't crash
when the metadata could not be recovered. I already posted this on the list a
while ago, but nobody noticed it seems. The line is:
tracks[track_widx].filerem = 0;
And this line exists for all other error cases.

Received on 2005-08-10

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