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Subject: Re: iriver T family of PlaysForSure-verified flash-memory music devices

Re: iriver T family of PlaysForSure-verified flash-memory music devices

From: Dave Hooper <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 23:15:44 +0100

There's absolutely no incentive for the manufacturers to provide us with
specifications of their players. Perhaps as rockbox gains more and more
momentum with the iriver and iaudio ports there may be in future (imagine
a player marketed as 'Compatible with Rockbox!"). But I don't see
manufacturers disclosing their hardware and programming details to us mere
'hobbyists'. :-(

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From: "Chris Skarstad" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 10:05 PM
Subject: Re: iriver T family of PlaysForSure-verified flash-memory music

> This really sucks. Perhaps some of you developers should contact the
> manufacturers of these players, if you haven't already done so, and work
> together on finding a sollution. There simply has got to be a better way.
> I love Rockbox in its current state because it allows me to use my Archos,
> but because it's not being sold anymore accept on ebay, I have no way of
> doing anything about it if it breaks.
> I just wanted to add that I think you guys are doing **excellent** work
> and I very much value the time you put into the project, so I don't want
> this point of my message to be lost. I'm simply saying that it's too bad
> that Rockbox can't be put on these newer players that are actually being
> sold in stores.
> If it could be, i know you would. but maybe if you contacted the
> developers of these products there could be a sollution. The only problem
> with that is as I understand it, to get rockbox to work, you have to
> reverse engineer the player which pretty much voids the waranty.
> So that may be a show stopper, but I'm only a user who really values and
> enjoys the rockbox software, i'm no developer. I let those who know what
> they're doing handle that.
> At 12:36 PM 8/11/2005, you wrote:
>>On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 10:27:25AM -0700, Mickey Quenzer wrote:
>> >
>> > Well, here's the newes line of iriver products, anyone know if rockbox
>> will
>> > work on these with the voice UI?\
>>Simple answer: No, not a chance.
>>Longer answer: Not now, and there are no plans to try. The devices are
>>probably using proprietary chips with no documentation, which makes
>>porting Rockbox to them a nightmare. Still possible in theory, but not
>>very appealing.
>>Jonas H
>> -- This message brought to you by the letter 'r' and the number 6
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Received on 2005-08-12

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