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Subject: Re: rasher: firmware id3.c,1.110,1.111

Re: rasher: firmware id3.c,1.110,1.111

From: Michael E. DiFebbo <>
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 09:52:12 -0400

In the three months that I have been involved with the Rockbox project,
I have never ceased to be amazed by the international scope of the
project, and the way that people who are located throughout the world
work together without regard to geographic, racial, religious
boundaries. In fact, to the contrary, things like support for multiple
languages, bidi support for languages which read right to left, speaking
menus for the blind, etc. have shown me that the Rockbox "team" (to use
a disfavored term) has the utmost respect for diversity. I never
expected to see a racial attack here, and frankly, I am appalled,
Svante, that you would attack someone on the basis of race and still
claim to have "had enough of racism."

Jonas has already explained at least twice that he chose his list of
genres to conform with a list of de facto standard genres. It was a
content-neutral decision that had nothing whatsoever to do with racism.
I don't see what purpose is served, other than pure antagonism, by
repeatedly asking him for his motives when he has already answered your
question several times.

Given the multinational, multicultural scope of the Rockbox project, I
don't see how you can ask any Rockbox contributor to determinations of
what is or is not "politically correct." If someone finds the term
"Christian Rock" offensive, would we be required to remove that from the
list of genres? Should we write a filter to prevent anyone from using
the text view in Rockbox to read Tom Sawyer because of Mark Twain's use
of the name "Nigger Jim", or block audiobook versions of that work?
Where would it end?

Michael E. DiFebbo

Svante Tidholm wrote:

> Jonas,
> OK, sorry I attacked you in person, that was stupid. The thing is,
> I'm not tolerant! I will never again let anyone use the word neger or
> nigger, or any other oppressional term, not as some kind of joke,
> irony or other way. So, yes, I'm not tolerant. I'm not politically
> correct, just someone who's had enough of racism, sexism, homophobia,
> oppression because of religion or whatever. You can call it whatever
> you want.
> It's important to fight the use of these words in every context - be
> it in a classroom, on the street, or even in a alternative mp3-player
> firmware!
> Together we can change this world.
> So I repeat my question: why do you want to keep on using it?
> To comply to Winamps list of genres?
> Sorry for making trouble,
> /Svante
> 8 sep 2005 kl. 14.51 skrev Jonas H.:
>> You still seem to be forgetting that little thing called context. For
>> all we know, this genre isn't even derived from that word. Either way,
>> noone was being offensive or oppressive. Noone called you anything,
>> stop
>> acting like you were being attacked.
>> Stupid political correctness is not the answer to racism - tolerance
>> is.
>> You don't seem very tolerant.
>> Right, back on topic.
>> I still don't see why we whould remove a genre from a list of de-facto
>> standard genres that EVERY other program out there recognises. If you
>> don't like the name, don't use it. I sure won't. Now if this was some
>> Rockbox-only addition, I might just agree, but this is not something I
>> invented.
>> --
>> Jonas H
>> rasher(at)rasher(dot)dk
>> -- Random .sigs suck
>> _______________________________________________
> /Svante
> _______________________________________________
Received on 2005-09-08

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