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Subject: Re: rasher: firmware id3.c,1.110,1.111

Re: rasher: firmware id3.c,1.110,1.111

From: Jonas H. <>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 23:08:17 +0200

Letting off steam.. this should be of no interest to anyone and contains
lots of "bad words".. do skip this mail if that's not your thing.

Here goes nothing..

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 10:07:56PM +0200, Svante Tidholm wrote:
> Hahaha (or should I say "Hehe"?). When you're out of arguments, go
> for bad jokes, why do you think I've been subsribing to this list for
> four years, mr smarthead? Well, I've got a broken Archos JBR20, a new
> iPod 60GB (where I don't think I've seen the word nigger anywhere
> actually...), an Iriver H120 and just sold a H340.

If you had files tagged as negerpunk, they'd show up as such - count on
that. You critizise going for the bad jokes, and yet you don't feel like
replying to actual arguments? Explain to me why I've been taking the
high road and not just come out from the start to call you on being a
misguided idiot without the brains to properly understand the concept of
context. Grow a set of brains, and come back when you understand basic
concepts of intent, meaning and context.

> But,
> I realize my way of making some of you understand what I mean are a
> little bit to hard for lot's of you people. I also have enough touch
> not to carry on this issue since the a) flaming and b)silence is
> intense.

Touch? You have TOUCH? Excuse me mr "you are an ignorant white asshole".
You have absolutely no touch. Furthermore, you are completely out of
touch with the real world. Try and understand what is going on, and put
your, seemingly overwhelming, rage to use somewhere where people are
ACTUALLY BEING RACIST instead of coming down on non-issues like this,
calling us all racists and cowards.

That, or shut the fuck up. PLEASE, for the love of god!

> I just want to once again say that I find it odd to defend the use of
> the word nigger. And to make you all understand that I'm not a PC
> fool, I can tell you that I am a) a white asshole, b) love Eminem, Dr
> Dre and other sexist racist shit and c) still won't tolerate any more
> use of racist or sexist shit.

Frankly, that just makes you even more of a misguided PC-infested moron
than we already knew you were.


> Hypocrate? Bigot? Or just someone who believe that another world is
> possible? You pick, I don't give a shit anymore. I'll make my own build.

I'm going to go with "PC jerk without any sense of reality", judged by
your posts to this thread. Please prove me wrong - I'd rather not live
in a world with idiots like you seem to be, so I'm still hoping this is
a giant misunderstanding, and it's all caused by monkeys pooing on your
keyboard or something. Seriously, people can't be this ignorant.


Sorry for feeding the troll, but I'm sortof fed up with pretending that
I can argue my way out of this.

Jonas H
                                                   -- Watch this space
Received on 2005-09-11

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