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Subject: Re: Iriver VS Archos questions

Re: Iriver VS Archos questions

From: nobby nobbs <>
Date: 2005-09-25

the H120 and H140 are marginally smaller than than H320 and H340. the 40GB
models are slightly thicker, but no more than a few mm.
On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 22:22:39 +0100, Sarai <> wrote:

> Which Iriver is the smallest that is working fully with Rockbox? Are any
> of the Iriver players still selling in stores?
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> On Behalf Of [IDC]Dragon
> Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2005 3:33 PM
> To: Rockbox
> Subject: Re: Iriver VS Archos questions
>> I was wondering several things:
>> 1. Which recorder is physically smaller, the studio 20 or any of the
>> Rockbox using Archos?
> Studio and Recorder (V1) are the same size, FM and Recorder V2 a bit
> more slim and lighter. The smallest Archos on which Rockbox works is the
> Ondio, a flash player with MMC slot.
>> 2. Do the Irivers ave an FM Radio?
> Yes. Dunno about the smallest one though.
>> 3. I know the 340 and 140 differences are you can watch vidios but how
>> much does Rockbox help via accessibility?
> It's not working on the 3x0 yet.
>> 4. Is it true that you don't have voice working on the Iriver yet?
> Not any more, recently it started talking.
> Jörg

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