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Subject: GCC 4.0.x

GCC 4.0.x

From: Magnus Holmgren <>
Date: 2005-09-27


I've made a few changes to Rockbox that makes it possible to do the
iRiver target build with GCC 4.0.1. Some work had already been done, so
the remaining changes were only these:

libmad/synth.c: GCC runs out of registers when processing an inline
assembler statement (at line 646). Reduced number of clobbered registers
by using 4 movems rather than 2, so there's a slight performance impact.
This might indicate a problem in GCC, as 3.x.x can compile the same code
just fine, so this should perhaps be seen as a temporary work-around.

rockboy: having memcpy in a #define isn't enough; a real function is needed.

The build seems to work fine, with the limited testing I've done: music
playback using the formats MP3, Vorbis, Wavpack, Flac and Wave. The
sudoku plugin works too (I haven't tested any other plugin).

Should I commit these changes?

Received on Tue Sep 27 18:56:28 2005

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