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Subject: Re: Player recommendation?

Re: Player recommendation?

From: Lars van de Klomp <>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 09:59:37 -0700

Hi Gert,

Lol, I see you're dutch 2.

If you want Rockbox support in the future I would go for the iRiver H320.

In holland it costs about 280-300 euro.

1) It has Ogg vorbis, (VBR) mp3 and WMA (maybe even more) support

2) Gapless, almost then but not noticable if you just leave the player
alone (don't skip or change settings while you're playing)

3) Can be used under linux with USB 2.0, its just an 2,5 inch HD
(which are used in laptops aswell)

4) You can file/directorie browse and ID-tags based (sort on artist,
genre or album)

5) It has video support, my opinion is that you don't pay much for
that (some even say that it was just an experiment) If you compare it
with Archos (which make special players for video support) the H320 is
a lot cheaper

If you seriously want to stay under 200 euro you will soon end up with
a Ipod mini, iRiver H10 or Creative Zen. They will propably never have
rockbox support.

I first bought an iRiver H10 but I changed it for an iRiver H320.
Video support was and still is a big pro for me. And the nicest
feature of them all is USB on the go, you can connect your H320 to
other mass storage devices and transfer files (e.g. digital camera's,
other Mp3 players or usbsticks)

Have fun,

Lars van de Klomp

2005/10/6, Gert Brinkmann <>:
> Hello,
> I hope I may ask this here, sorry if it is a FAQ, but I did not find
> something in this direction on the rockbox pages: I am looking for a
> portable mp3/ogg-player and searched through the web. There are some
> features that are a must:
> 1) not only mp3, but also ogg/vorbis support
> 2) gapless playback
> 3) mountable and fillable as normal usb-storage device (usb 2.0) with Linux
> 4) Browsing through the music-repository by directories/filenames is
> more important for me than by ID-Tags.
> 5) I do not need (and do not want to pay for) video playback.
> Requirement 1) filters out many players and 2) does not seem to leave a
> player in the result set. (There was only rio/karma that is no longer
> produced, if I am right.) So I came across the rockbox webpage some time
> ago and found that this firmware does fulfill this things and much more.
> It is very, very interesting.
> Which player would you buy for using rockbox? (And which one if rockbox
> would not matter?)
> As I see, Rockbox is only for harddisk-players, not for
> flashmem-players. Is this right? I actual did not want to spend to much
> money for a device that I am carrying around a lot. Most hd-players do
> cost about 300 EUR and more. It would be great to stay below 200 EUR. So
> I think I'd stick to flashmem players (perhaps 1GB).
> Do you have any suggestions what to buy?
> Thank you,
> Gert

Received on 2005-10-06

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