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Subject: RE: *PANIC* recfile: -4 and lose everything

RE: *PANIC* recfile: -4 and lose everything

From: Christopher Woods <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 19:09:08 +0100

Ipods do break, I have a friend who lives upstairs from me who's gone
through 3 ipods in the space of 2 years, the hard drives just die on her all
the time - and of course, you can't just take it apart and fix it, it's back
to apple and get a new one. Doh.
Also, it's not necessarily the fault of the player manufacturer, be it
Archos or iRiver or whatever, sometimes you (unfortunately) get a bad batch
of hard drives from the hdd manufacturer which just fail earlier than they
should, and there's nowt you can do about that except RMA them and get new
ones. I had approaching 500gb of drives all fail on me within the space of a
month, and they were (yep, you guessed it) all Maxtor DiamondMaxes, a 120,
160 and 200... It's just luck of the draw sometimes.
At least you can take your player apart and replace the hdd! :D


From: espammy []
Sent: 12 October 2005 18:43
Subject: Re: *PANIC* recfile: -4 and lose everything

Well, I think I've found the problem: the disk is messed up. Now the
darned thing won't even turn on at all. Holding down the ON button just
causes both the green and red lights to flash and I hear a low clicking
sound from the disk. Same thing happens when I hook it up via USB.

I bought this POS during April of last year, so it's out of warranty. Has
anyone else experienced disk issues - this is with the Hitachi 20GB
(HITCHI_DK23DA-20) drive? I'm wondering if the disk might be covered by a
longer warranty by Hitachi?

Anyone know? Sucks being out $180. I guess this is why people buy Ipods.
Perhaps in 10 years the Chinese will build electronics that don't break
after a year.

On 10/5/05, espammy <> wrote:

I have a Archos JBR V2 (P/N 4000028) with a strange problem. I am
running the Rockbox 2.5 firmware and have also successfully flashed
the unit. I have reformatted and re-unzipped the 2.5 firmware, so
starting out clean.

Here's the issue: whenever I try to record, everything appears to be
going fine (Time and Size increments, levels move, etc) until I end
the recording. As soon as I stop the recording I get the following

recfile: -4

The green light is on and the red light is flashing.

At that point I hold the OFF button for 10 seconds or so to turn off
the unit. When I turn it back on I get the messages "No rockbox
directory" and "Installation incomplete."

If I hook the unit up to my laptop at this point, here's what the
directory listing looks like"

Directory of F:\

02/04/1980 12:03 AM 0 A
07/31/1980 12:07 AM 16,711,935 A
02/04/1980 12:02 AM 0 R
03/15/1980 12:03 AM 110 B
03/21/1980 12:03 AM 6,619,245 ?
02/04/1980 12:04 AM 0 S
02/04/1980 12:01 AM 196,680 a
02/04/1980 12:04 AM 0 m
02/04/1980 12:03 AM 65,742 1
The parameter is incorrect.
02/04/1980 12:03 AM 16,711,935 A
02/04/1980 12:06 AM 0 R
03/16/1980 12:03 AM 51 A
02/04/1980 12:00 AM 65,727 N
              14 File(s) 40,706,858 bytes
               0 Dir(s) 17,302,339,584 bytes free

Any idea what is happening here? Bad disk? I've reformatted several
times now, ran chkdsk, etc all to no avail. Seems to work fine until
I try to record.

Don't know if this helps any:

[Hardware Info]
ROM: 1.23
Mask: 0x0104
USB: positive
PR: positive
Flash: M=BF D=D6
ROM CRC: 0x222F V1
ATA: 0x200,master

P0: S:3F
T:C 19069 MB

Disk info:


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Received on 2005-10-12

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