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Subject: Re: Playlist Ghosts

Re: Playlist Ghosts

From: Ronald Teune <>
Date: 2005-11-06

On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 12:00:21 +0100, <> wrote:

> (Oh, this comes from a blind Archos FM Recorder user with V 2.0 for
> reference.)

You mean Rockbox 2.0? Update, now! :-)

> The odd thing is there are songs in this list I have never played, even
> sampled, so how did they get there.
> The odder thing is there are songs and clips in this playlist that I have
> deleted from the hard drive long, long ago. For instance, the person I
> purchased it from was Middle Eastern and had some music on there, which
> interesting, is not something I wanted so deleted. Plus, some test
> recordings I made back when, one rather embarrassing if ever heard by
> ears other than my own, that I certainly thought were erased.
> Any ideas how the playlist seemingly self-created?

Probably you did something like Menu -> Playlist options -> Create
playlist, in the root folder. This creates a playlist of all your music.
Perhaps you got more music on your disk than you think?
Can you actually play the playlist entries, or is it just a playlist
referring to already deleted files? Rockbox doesn't just generate
information out of nothing, that's something all science calls impossible
(ah well, except for evolutionary biology... ;-))

> Further, where in the heck is this ghost music?

On your disk probably. Opening the playlist with a text editor might help
you on this one.

> Any insight will be appreciated as a way of learning more about this nice
> little machine and the fantastic software developed for it!
> Eric SS

Received on Sun Nov 6 00:06:29 2005

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