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Subject: Recording: Iriver H140 hangs on playback of failed 0 byte recording.

Recording: Iriver H140 hangs on playback of failed 0 byte recording.

From: Martin Borus <>
Date: 2005-11-17


some comments on Iriver recording.

Since recording moved out of the debug menu I've done some successful
recording tests.

Using a bleeding edge build (051116-0407) I made one 500MB recording
yesterday, which played fine and seemed OK. The next recording was
311 MB sized (according to Rockbox, actual size 0 bytes). Alas the recorder
froze during the recording. I pressed stop before looking at the display,
so I don't know if the stopping caused this: The recording was 30mins long,
to 311 MB seems reasonable to me.

On the unit, the recording is 0 Byte in size. When I try to play it, the
H140 hangs again and needs to be resetted.

BTW, how's the status on the peak meter? If it can't be enabled during a
recording for hardware reasons, it would help a lot if it was available
when the recording is paused at least so that it's possible to adjust the
recording gain to useful levels.

2 other little things I noticed:
- The optical output is activated during a recording, but there's no signal
on it.
- During the recording the STOP icon is shown. This confused me at first.

Received on Thu Nov 17 08:34:31 2005

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