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From: Bluechip <>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 17:54:42 +0000

>About that relative path thing:
>I might not have got that correctly, but if you really want to save the
>_relative_ location of the file, you gotta change the shortcut file every
>time you move it on the HD... I would prefer some kinda absolute position
>only without the drive letter. So Rockbox would just have to go into the
>root dir and then go to the path specified in the file.
>About the creation of .rblink (or whatever) files:
>If they shall really be in the format:
>or however you said, it would be quite easy to create those files (for
>windows, which I use most of the time *duck*). You just have to make a

May I suggest (in case there is an important difference) a right-DRAG option?

>(one simple registry entry, even I could write
>such thing) and you'd have to write a programm that writes the path of the
>specified file into a shortcut file, without the drive letter (if I'm not
>wrong, that should be a <10kb programm, I could try to work that out, too,
>since with the right-click-menu, windows gives the filename - i think with
>the complete path - as a parameter to the program).

If we're going this way I would consider this:

Why don't we just laugh off existing standards ...they are not-standard and
Rockbox has the technical and social standing to invent new standards. And
the intellect to do it with care.

Invent a short-cut file standard and set to work making it cross-platform.
No, not easy, but if its worth the effort, then its worth it, else it
probably isn't.

The shortcut file might as well be 4K as 4bytes'll absorb 1 sector of
disk anyway!
So consider adding as much in info as you can 4K you could store the
file path 50-ways from sunday. If the front of it looks like an M3U,
interfacing it to PC/MAC players should be simple enough. Hide the techie
data behind an 0x1A

>So if somebody gets the support on the Rockbox-side done, I'd be glad to
>help for the Windows support.
>"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense."
>(Tom Clancy)
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Received on 2005-12-05

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