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Subject: Re: new rockbox playlist format

Re: new rockbox playlist format

From: Ray Lambert <>
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 14:26:09 -0500

Martin Borus wrote:

>if Rockbox got more playlist commands, these are some I'd use:
>- pick random song from directory (incl/excl subdirectory)
>- pick next song from directory (needs to keep track of last track played in
>- pick random song from playlist
>- pick next song from playlist (needs to keep track of last track played in
>- pick random song from database query
>These three are needed for this:
>- loop structure (Example: Loop 20 {pick one random from current hits
>directory; pick one random from alltimefavorites-playlist } )

It looks like all you want is to make random mix playlists from selected
directories/playlists. I don't see a need to introduce looping or any
other logical construct to achieve this. I satisfied your need by
adding "shuffle" and "count=n" keywords to the 'match' and 'select'
directives and by allowing the 'match' directive to match against
playlist contents (in addition to directory contents).

Your example might be implemented as such:

    ! config shuffle: on
    ! match recursive shuffle count=20 /current-hits
    ! match shuffle count=20 /playlists/alltimefavorites.m3u

Remember that I'm approaching this currently as a means to generate
static M3U files that can be played by both the existing rockbox
playlist support mechanism and other applications on your PC. This
prevents the inclusion of any commands that must be executed
dynamically, while the playlist is playing (i.e. looping; although
static looping -- at read time -- would be possible). This approach is
intended to provide some level of compatibility with other SW and reduce
the upfront development effort. If someone demonstrates a compelling
reason to abandon this approach then I will consider doing so.

So, here's the updated proposed spec. Please post your comments...

Proposed Rockbox Playlist Format (version 2):

    - filename extension: .BOX

    - # comment

    - ! config config-statement[; config-statement]

    - ! config load <any config file>

    - ! include /path/playlist<.BOX|.M3U>

    - [/][path/][filename.ext]

    - ! match [recursive] [shuffle] [count=n]

    - ! select [shuffle] [count=n] <database query TBD>

    - ! playlist-file <playlist[.m3u]>

    - ! generate-only

    - ! auto-cleanup

    - ! windows-drive-letter <A-Z>


    - 'playlist-file' is used to override the default output (M3U)
      file name, which is derived from the .BOX file name

    - 'generate-only' tells the .BOX player to only generate an
      M3U and not to play it.

    - 'auto-cleanup' tells the .BOX player to automatically delete
      the generated M3U file when it finishes playing. (This may
      prove difficult or impossible to implement.)

    - 'windows-drive-letter' indicates which drive letter to write
      to the M3U file. Default is none.

    - The 'shuffle' option on the 'match' and 'select' directives
      causes the resulting list of songs to be randomized. This
      affects only the results of the single directive. To randomize
      the entire playlist the shuffle config option
      (! config shuffle: on) must be specified.

    - The 'count=n' option on the 'match' and 'select' directives
      causes the resulting list of songs to be truncated to 'n'
      number of songs. This is probably most useful in conjunction
      with the 'shuffle' option.
Received on 2005-12-10

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