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Subject: Re: (O/T) H340 error 'Over Current'

Re: (O/T) H340 error 'Over Current'

From: Mike Holden <>
Date: 2006-01-16

Andrew ashridah Pilley said:
> On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 13:12 +0000, Mike Holden wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> Haven't tried replacing the cable as yet, as I don't have a spare one
>> of those type - it's a mini usb, but the "other shape" to the
>> "standard one" (if you see what I mean!).
> Yeah, I've seen those cables, they're a tad on the funky side. Should be
> able to find a replacement somewhere, and I'm betting it's going to be
> easier to purchase and test than a new unit via RMA. Do you have a time
> limit on the RMA?

I believe it's 15 days for a "DOA" unit with iriver. I suppose this
qualifies as DOA, although I would like to avoid the hassle if possible!

>> The cable looks intact, and the socket looks ok, no stray wires or
>> bent contacts as far as I can see.
> Has it been crushed by a drawer, chair, heavy monitor, chewed, bent
> excessively... etc

Nope. Brand new out of the box only a day or two ago!

> Could just be manufacturing defect.


I have found someone else here at work who has the same model, so I'm
going to ask if we can do a bit of swapping of parts to see if I can
identify precisely which bit is faulty (my cable-her H340, my H340-her
cable etc).

Tried very hard to not make that last bit sound dirty - I think I almost
succeeded ;-)

Mike Holden
Received on Mon Jan 16 16:14:40 2006

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