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From: Manuel Dejonghe <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 14:35:45 +0100

Hi, I'm going to answer your questions inline.
I don't tend to that, but many people say it's easier for all to
create a new mail for every question, so replies are unambigious.

On 1/22/06, Pele West <> wrote:
> 1. I belong to a discussion list in the UK where users have spoken about using Rockbox on their H300 series models. However, I believe all the users have
> the H340 rather than the H320. I know the firmware is supposed to be the same, but has Rockbox been tested on the H320?

I am currently using it on the 320, like many others do. This is
considered as testing.

> 2. Following on from the previous question, the users all talk about how great it is to be able to navigate through the artists and albums. However, I have
> unpredictable results if I try to find an album which is nowhere near the one I am listening to. I have a foolproof navigation method when using Iriver:
> While playing:
> Press <Navi>
> Press <Left> twice to move up the tree to the artists
> Press <up> or <down> a number of times to get to a different artist
> Press <Navi> to select the artist
> Press <Right> to go into the first album for the artist
> Press <Navi> to play.
> This works fine if I am not moving very far through the list but, as I have already said, the results are unpredictable in most cases. Is there a different way of
> navigation? I should say that I have named the files so they are sorted in the way I want them to be.

That looks good. It could be that you have the same problem as I
(sighted) have. Sometimes, I don't get the down-button right in the
middle, so there are "stray" presses to left or right.

> 3. At present I cannot boot into Rockbox as it says "Invalid or Corrupt Playlist" or something like that (I am afraid I cannot read the screen). I have taken off
> some files and defragmented the drive. Do you have any other suggestions. I can still boot into Iriver.

That is strange. During bootup ?
Rockbox has a file called ".playlist_control" which is needed for
resume information. It's located in the directory ".rockbox".
You (or rather your rockbox) needs that directory. So if you deleted
it, that's the reason. If you did not remove that directory, you may
try to remove (or safely rename) that file. This will break the
resume, but rockbox will create a new such file when needed. There was
a similar error message in the past when that file could not be read.

> 4. Is there any documentation on setting bookmarks and creatingvoice clips.

Surely in the wiki, but I don't know where right now.

Hope to be helping, lImbus
Received on 2006-01-22

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