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Subject: Re: WAV Codec for Archos

Re: WAV Codec for Archos

From: Christoph Niedeggen <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 07:37:56 +0100 (MET)

>> Hi Bluechip,
>> I read on the Rockbox mail archive in a mail of 2005-12-29 that
>> you'll attack the WAV Codec on the Archos when you've finished some
>> other project. That would be great, since at the moment noone else
>> seems to be working on that subject!?!
>> I really would like to be able to do WAV recordings with my 8 MB
>> modded Archos Jukebox Recorder and an external SPDIF-Converter. With
>> simple MP3 recording, quality suffers because the high frequencies
>> are just cut off. :(
>> Could you please tell me, if you are already working on the WAV Codec
>> and how long it'll take about to implement it in Rockbox? If you need
>> someone for beta testing, I'd by happy to help.
>> Regards
>> Christoph
> Hey Christoph,
> Hope you don't mind ...but it seemed appropriate to cross-post this to
> the group.
> SO:
> Oh yeah ...I'd atually forgotten about that.
> I'm hanging between a few ideas at the moment. I want a bit of a
> break from (goddam) MP3 files. I shall (re)add it to my "consider"
> list ...It should be quite a trivial task its core "if
> filename==".wav" loadcodec()"
> loadcodec() is already written (although buried somewhere on my hard
> drive from a couple of years ago) would need to tweak a few dac
> registers, and write menu options for anything that you want to be
> configurable, but beyond that I really can't see much else changing.
> Realise, of course, if *I* do it, that it will be a snapshot compile,
> and not subject to future rockbox improvements/bug fixes.
> You may wish to discuss the issue with the Rockbox devs (hence the
> crosspost) - make some noise on the group, get some support, consider
> the incredible features you can add if you can play WAV files
> ...question speech synths, MOD file playback, track mixing etc.
> If enough people want it, then one of the devs will take care of it
> ...but the devs can't know if it is a highly desirable feature until
> those interested speak openly.
> I will follow how you get on, feel free to email me privately if you
> desire, I just felt on this occasion nothing personal had been said,
> and there will be a positive response on the group.
> BC
Hi Bluechip,

thanks for your response! Sorry for writing just a private e-mail to
you, but so far I haven't been subscribed to the list. I just read the
discussions via the Rockbox web site...

Well, now I am subscribed and this is my first post...
So hello to everybody!! :-)

As I've written above, I am really interested in a WAV / PCM codec for
the Archos version of Rockbox, especially for being able to do high
quality recordings.

In normal MP3 recordings (even using the highest quality settings)
frequencies above about 15.500 Hz are simply cut off. With WAV
recordings, it should be possible to record up to 22.100 or 24.000 Hz
(using sampling rates of 44.100 or 48.000 Hz respectively.)

Thanks to [IDC]Dragon's efforts, the PCM codec firmware and
documentation is readily available in the Data sheets section, but
unfortunately it has not been implemented into Rockbox yet. Please
correct me if I'm wrong...

I've read on the discussions that Amiconn and Oxygen77 spent some time
on the WAV codec, but I don't know if they had some success and if they
are still working on this issue.

So I'd like to appeal to the devs to keep on working on the WAV codec.
It would be a great improvement for the recording quality of the Jukebox
Recorder and also a great addition to the other Jukeboxes, as Bluechip
has already written above (play WAV and MOD files, do track mixing and
other fancy things.)

To everyone on the mailing list: Please join this discussion if you are
interested in either WAV playback or WAV recording, so that Bluechip and
the other Rockbox devs are encouraged to spend some time on implementing
the codec! If someone already had some success with implementing it,
please drop a line!

Thank you

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Received on 2006-01-24

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