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Subject: Re: Need a new player - recommendations appreciated

Re: Need a new player - recommendations appreciated

From: Sharon <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 14:16:25 -0700

Oh, duh! I hate when I ask stupid questions! That link to Rockbox
devices supported (or pending) is what I wanted. Since you already
know I ask dumb questions, I'll venture another one: if the Rockbox
developers get the software working on the iPod (Nano?), does that
mean you would NOT have to use iTunes to manage the device? Would it
work like my Archos's did, just see it on the desktop and
drag-n-drop? That required software intervention annoys me for some
reason. Sorry if that sounds even dumber than the last question....


>Personally I am waiting until everything is up and running on the iPods.
>If you absolutely HAVE TO upgrade now (eg. your old player is dead) then:
># alphabet-vs-tags ...Rockbox works this way, no matter what cpu is
>executing the code
># drag'n'drop ...see "alphabet-vs-tags"
># replaceable batteries ...archos v1 or give up
># small ...wait for ipod support, but a nano
># expandable memory ...I think the ondio takes memory sticks - maybe
>others too.
># list ... 1st line of text and clik
>on link in 4th line :)
>>I am sorry for what probably is a silly question at this point, but
>>I can't find a list on the Rockbox page of all the different brands
>>that Rockbox works on. I have had 3 Archos units, all of which have
>>died (and I am not mistreating them) and I'd like something new.
>>Preferably, I'd like:
>>Plays alphabetically like the Archos units, and does not require tags.
>>Drag-n-drop rather than requiring software to transfer.
>>Uses batteries I can replace (loved this about the Archos units).
>>As small as possible in physical size.
>>At least a gig in memory, or expandable.
>>Could someone point me to a list of device or provide feedback,
>>please? I have been investigating the Rio Forge (I have a Rio Karma
>>but I want a device with the above specifications in addition to
>>it). I looked at the MuVo but it is not expandable. And I would
>>really prefer something that would use Rockbox.
>>Thanks for any help!
Received on 2006-01-24

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