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Subject: Re: Need a new player - recommendations appreciated

Re: Need a new player - recommendations appreciated

From: Dave Chapman <>
Date: 2006-01-25

Sharon wrote:
> Oh, duh! I hate when I ask stupid questions! That link to Rockbox
> devices supported (or pending) is what I wanted. Since you already know
> I ask dumb questions, I'll venture another one: if the Rockbox
> developers get the software working on the iPod (Nano?), does that mean
> you would NOT have to use iTunes to manage the device? Would it work
> like my Archos's did, just see it on the desktop and drag-n-drop? That
> required software intervention annoys me for some reason. Sorry if that
> sounds even dumber than the last question.... (o:

It's not a dumb question.

The answer is yes - Rockbox will NOT need itunes to work on the ipod.
Out of the box, the iPod behaves as a standard UMS device, meaning that
without any special drivers on your PC, you just plug it into your USB
port and it appears as a removable hard drive.

It's just that Apple's firmware doesn't play files you have copied
yourself - only files that itunes has copied and added to the database
on the ipod. Obviously, Rockbox doesn't have that limitation.

Received on Wed Jan 25 02:01:23 2006

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