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Subject: Re: AW: Question about CD-Quality and MP3

Re: AW: Question about CD-Quality and MP3

From: Christi Alice Scarborough <>
Date: 2006-02-02

Neon John wrote:

>Finally! Another rational person regarding bitrates. I should have
>figured it would have been you, 'chip :-) There is rampant insanity
>out there regarding bitrates. I'll pulled down audio books with the
>rate set to 360kbps! Absurd.
>I have very good hearing, especially for my age, and I can't tell the
>difference in most material at 160kbps. I've also settled on 192kbps
>on my computer and 128k for my JBR, the latter being a good compromise
>between sound quality and battery life.
Annecdotally I can tell you that a friend lent me some 192kpbs MP3s
that I listened to for a while before buying the album. I could hear
enough difference on the CD that at first I thought I was listening to a
different mix of the album, which I certainly wasn't expecting. This
was via my stereo though - I believe the difference is less detectable
when listening on earphones.

Received on Thu Feb 2 06:11:23 2006

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