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Subject: Re: Iriver H300 bugs

Re: Iriver H300 bugs

From: Brandon Low <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 11:15:46 -0600

Thanks -- some of these I knew of, some I did not, I'll try to at least
investigate the major voice issues this week.


On Thu, 02/09/06 at 16:53:09 +1000, James Teh wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have discovered several rather severe issues with the voice UI on
> Iriver H300. I know that some of these are already known, but have
> included them here for completeness. (In fact, it's quite possible that
> all of them are known, but i haven't seen any reports of some of these
> recently in a quick skim of the archives.)
> * When the charger is connected, the voice UI attempting to play a clip
> will cause Rockbox to crash. To replicate:
> 1. Plug in the charger at any point.
> 2. With Rockbox started, access the main menu (A-B) or access the context menu (hold navi).
> This began occurring after the H300 charger detection code was
> committed.
> * If the recording screen is activated and then exited without actually
> making a recording, the voice UI will no longer function. I know that
> the voice UI cannot function in the recording screen, but I am referring
> to the behaviour of the voice UI after exiting the recording screen.
> Sometimes, spoken clips will simply sound as a rather strange,
> meaningless sound, but playback will still work. Other times, Rockbox's
> UI appears to be alive, but no playback is possible and shutdown usually
> causes a crash. Note that if rec is pressed to make a recording to disk,
> the voice UI behaves fine upon exit. To replicate:
> 1. Enter the recording screen.
> 2. Wait a random amount of time. :) I usually wait a few seconds.
> 3. Press stop to exit.
> This does not occur with the voice UI disabled last time I checked.
> * Voice clips are not silenced immediately when they should be (e.g.
> when moving through a menu or moving through items in the browser). I am
> aware that this one is definitely known.
> * Voice clips do not speak when playback is paused, even though they can
> speak while playback is in progress. Also already known.
> * Bits of voice clips which were or should have been spoken previously
> are spoken later during playback. Already known.
> * Navigating through the sound settings menu accessed from the WPS
> context menu does not speak, except for the first item: 'volume'. This
> only occurred recently, I suspect after the new PCM buffer code was
> committed. I also noticed a change regarding reducing latency while
> changing dsp settings, so perhaps it is this? <shrugs> To replicate:
> 1. Play an audio file.
> 2. Hold navi to enter the WPS context menu.
> 3. Press navi to enter sound settings.
> 4. Move up and down with the cursor. Observe the lack of speech.
> Also, pressing stop to
> exit the menu results in one of the clips that should have spoken being
> spoken.
> Other miscellaneous bugs I have noticed that I may as well report while
> I'm at it. Same disclaimer as above.
> * Playback and voice UI cease to function after leaving USB mode. I
> checked this with voice UI disabled as well and observed the same
> behaviour.
> * When skipping through ogg vorbis audio files with the left and right
> cursor keys, the first fraction of a second of audio on some tracks
> appears to be skipped. I can't seem to replicate this on every skip, but
> skipping through some ogg vorbis tracks relatively quickly will
> replicate the problem quickly enough. This began occurring some time
> around 20 Jan when a lot of code was committed regarding playback.
> Wo! That's it for now, I think. :)
> Thanks for all the great work. I hope to be able to contribute at some
> point rather than just reporting bugs. :)
> Jamie
> --
> James Teh
> Email:
> WWW:
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> Jabber:
> Yahoo: jcs_teh
Received on 2006-02-09

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