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Subject: Re: GUI


From: Jochen Schulz <>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 15:06:42 +0100

Gabriel Meier:
> Trying to take all the previous discussion into consideration, I put my
> suggestions for a changed interface on this page:

First I want to thank you for your work. I agree that the Rockbox menu
structure needs some work and your mockups help as a basis for further
discussion. Secondly I think that discussing the structure is currently
more important than deciding upon the style of presentation (icons and
stuff, which may be configurable at runtime or per target device

What I like about your proposal is the focus on usage scenarios. This
cleans up the root menu and helps the user find what he is looking for.
I am using Rockbox on my Iriver H120 for almost half a year now and I
still have to search for some settings now and then. And there are some
menus that I would like to reorder or move somewhere else entirely.

What we still have to keep in mind is the different usage habits which
all of us have. Saving a few keystrokes and "blind" usability (even for
sighted users) may be preferable to reordering things strictly .

Another topic which I think should be at least thought about in the
same process is the mapping of keys. I cannot come up with
irregularities that are annoying me at the moment, but I guess if I
go searching for them, I will find some. ;-)

Ok, to finally respond to your proposals, here are some random thoughts:

- The purpose of the "play music" item is still unclear to me. I think
  the only reasonable action for it would be to just "Resume" from
  where I left. The other possibilities you list could be done via the

- I like the idea of a "System" menu. The three "settings" items plus
  "Browse Themes" plus "Playlist options" Rockbox currently has in its
  root menu are a mess

- "Radio" and "Recorder" are just fine, IMHO. "Plugins" is ok, too,
  although I ask myself whether someone may think it may be a good idea
  to seperate "Games" from the rest of the plugins.

- "View Pictures" may make sense on devices with large color screens.
  But: I guess this would just open a browser with a certain display
  filter (we don't want to generate thumbnails, do we?) which could be
  incorporated into the quick menu thingy (A-B in browser mode).

- I am unsure about putting the bookmark settings into the playback
  settings menu.

- AFAICS, you forgot to put "Recent Bookmarks" somewhere and I have no
  idea where to put it into the new structure.

- I like the idea of making the bootup action user-configurable.

What is currently annoying me in Rockbox:

- The mess of settings menus I already mentioned above.

- Sound Settings are in the WPS "context menu" and in the root menu -- I
  think the root menu is enough. Almost every time I enter the WPS
  context menu, I want to go into the playlist.

- The "Recording" item opens a new menu with the recording settings and
  the recording screen. Since the settings can also be reached with the
  A-B button from the recording screen, I think the recording menu is

And another minor suggestion: let's add a config option to show or hide
the debug menu.

BTW: is there a complete and up-to-date menu structure somewhere
available? I just did a quick search on but couldn't find
any. And is this structure the same for all targets?

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Received on 2006-03-07

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