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Subject: Re: Hopefully not a dumb question...

Re: Hopefully not a dumb question...

From: Tom Cole <>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 18:36:29 +1200


Your suggestion is basically what it does now, if you set the Bookmark
Option "Load Last Bookmark" to "Yes" or "Ask".

You have to be using the distributed method of bookmark storage for this
to work.

It's only complicated because it is versatile. Most people choose a
method of working and use that only. For instance, I use the "Recent
Bookmark" method because I don't want my directory structure littered
with miscellaneous bookmark files. I want to be able to go to one place
and see all my bookmarks.

Hope this helps

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 16:35:01 +1100, "Nick von Korff"
<> wrote:

>I'll give that a go. Thanks Tom.
>I might still put in a feature request anyway.
>This seems a somewhat complicated process for what seems to be a relatively
>simple feature (I say that carefully, given that I have no idea how to go
>about coding such a feature :o)
>For example...
>Menu option: "Remember Playlist Position", which causes the player to store
>a small file (maybe $playlist_name.pos) containing the currently playing
>track in the playlist and the position of the currently playing track when
>the playlist is stopped.
>If the hypothetical option above is turned on and you start your playlist,
>the player checks for the existence of the hypothetical .pos file, and if it
>exists, read the info and resume from that position).
>It all sounds so easy when writing it in English... not sure how easy it
>would be to write in code... my coding extends about as far as Perl,
>otherwise I'd love to code this myself. Unfortunately between full-time
>work, after-hours university degree and girlfriend, I have very little time
>to pick up new prog-languages.
>Thanks to all who gave suggestions on this one.
>Nick v K.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: [] On
>Behalf Of Tom Cole
>Sent: Tuesday, 21 March 2006 3:45 PM
>To: Rockbox
>Subject: Re: Hopefully not a dumb question...
>Bookmarks are kept in up to 2 places depending on how you have set your
>bookmarking options ("General Settings" - "Bookmarking"). The first
>place is central and is reached off the main menu - "Recent Bookmarks".
>The second place is where your playlist is in the directory structure.
>You save a bookmark either by first setting the bookmark option
>"Bookmark on Stop" to "Yes" or "Ask" and then press Stop while playing
>your playlist, or using the context menu while playing your playlist.
>Later, when you wish to resume your playlist:-
>a) If you are using the central method go to Menu - Recent Bookmarks and
>navigate to your playlist bookmark and press play.
>b) If you are using the distributed method of storing your bookmarks,
>navigate to where your playlist is in the directory structure and you
>will find a bookmark file there. Play it and navigate to your required
>bookmark and play that.
>Most people find it easier to just use the central Recent Bookmark
>method of storing bookmarks
>On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 14:06:06 +1100, "Nick von Korff"
><> wrote:
>>Thanks for the suggestion... I just tried it, but it didn't work. I turned
>>the option on, stopped my playlist, browsed to another album, played a few
>>tracks, then opened my playlist again and it started from track 1.
>>Is there any special way that I should open the playlist, or do I just
>>browse to it and hit the NAVI (Ok) button?
>>Nick v K.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: [] On
>>Behalf Of Glenn at home
>>Sent: Tuesday, 21 March 2006 1:58 PM
>>To: Rockbox
>>Subject: Re: Hopefully not a dumb question...
>>I think that if you go into the menus, and in general, and then go into
>>"file view", and set:
>>"follow playlist".
>>to yes, this may take care of your problem.
>>----- Original Message -----
>>From: "Nick von Korff" <>
>>To: "'Rockbox'" <>
>>Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 7:27 PM
>>Subject: Hopefully not a dumb question...
>>Hi all,
>>I've been following the posts for some time, but this is my first, and it's
>>purely a functionality question.
>>This is the situation:
>>I have a really long randomised playlist covering virtually all music on my
>>iRiver H340, minus the classical stuff which I only really listen to when
>>studying. The reason I have everything in one long playlist is so that it
>>plays through from beginning to end without ever repeating a track.
>>The problem is if I want to play an album by itself, I end up losing where
>>am in my playlist. I can't figure out how I can get back to the place I was
>>in the playlist, short of remembering that I was up to track x out y, then
>>scrolling all the way back through the playlist to get back to track x.
>>That's fine if you only have around 100 tracks in the list, but I have some
>>5000 songs in the list, and when I get to over 1000 tracks through the
>>scrolling all the way down to the last played track is REALLY tedious.
>>Is there any way to save your place in the current playlist, play some
>>music, then return to where you left off in your playlist.
>>Thanks and regards,
>>Nick v K.
>>P.S. I really can't get enough of RockBox. It's the BEST thing that's
>>happened to portable music since the invention of the MP3 player, in my
>>opinion... and I am a sighted user! ;o)
Received on 2006-03-21

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