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Subject: Re: Gentlemen, we have *PCM* sound - on Archos!

Re: Gentlemen, we have *PCM* sound - on Archos!

From: Christoph Niedeggen <>
Date: 2006-03-25

Hi Jens,

> This is because of the dead-simple (read: lame) playback loop
> which can't keep up with the Ondio reading the MMC as well.
> I now have a version which uses DMA for playback and does
> buffering as well. Smooth playback on both recorder and Ondio.

Wow! DMA and buffering are already implemented? You're coding pretty
fast! :)

> I'll polish this a little more (possibility to stop, read
> parameters from WAV file to play all 16bit PCM WAV files
> correctly, restore the MAS so mp3 playback won't be broken
> afterwards) then commit to cvs.

Does "commit to cvs" mean that it becomes then part of the cvs and daily
builds? That would be great!

Is there a chance that you (or someone else) might also write a test
plugin for recording PCM/WAV data? I guess that this shouldn't be to
hard, now that the PCM codec is properly loading and playing WAV files!?

Received on Sat Mar 25 17:27:30 2006

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