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Subject: RE: voice UI while audio stopped in latest builds

RE: voice UI while audio stopped in latest builds

From: Steve Nutt <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:31:16 +0100

Hi Andrew,

As a blind voice user, I must say, I wish that it would not talk when you
press the select key on a file. I reported this last night, but basically,
you select a file with the arrows, and it gets either spelled or numbered.
You hit select to play it, and the speech is repeated. This is just
unnecessary speech in my view, the second time. We only need to hear the
files as they are selected with the arrow keys. I don't think it needs to
speak at all when the MP3 files are playing. Rockbox has always voiced
these files twice, and it is just wasted verbage.

All the best
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From: [] On
Behalf Of Andrew Hart
Sent: 10 April 2006 14:52
To: Rockbox
Subject: Re: voice UI while audio stopped in latest builds
Hi there.  I can confirm what Jamie has found.  He beat me to reporting it
though as I didn't have a Net connection available on the week-end.
In fact, this is probably to be expected while bug-fixing is going on, etc.,
but I thought I'd let everyone know just in case they're not already aware
of it.
Since the code freeze, the voice support appears to be getting worse and
worse in terms of performance.
At the moment, while playing audio, the menus sometimes speak and sometimes
don't.  Also, the fade-out-fade-in sequence that occurs while the menus
speak is not correctly synching with the speech properly.  It used to be the
case that you would hear rapid fade-out, menu item spoken, rapid fade in.
Now, I can sometimes here the menu item while the fade-out is occurring.  It
seems as though there may besome kind of timing/queueing problem.
Also, this has been mentioned before, but transitions between voice clips,
as well as audio files being played themselves (such as when
fast-forwarding/rewinding or track skipping) occasionally produce an audible
artifact which sounds like "chihk" or like a really short burst of white
noise.  I started noticing this a week or two before the code freeze.
At 22:19 09-04-2006, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Now that I have a voice file which will work with the latest builds 
>(see previous messages), I have discovered a bug which only applies to 
>these later builds, perhaps because of the pcmbuf/playback code 
>changes. On an Iriver H300 (and I suspect other SWCODEC platforms), 
>once playback has occurred, the voice UI will not work while playback 
>is stopped. The only fix is to power off and on. To
>1. If resume on startup is enabled, disable it and power off and on.
>2. Access the menu. Observe that voice works correctly.
>3. Play an audio file.
>4. While playing, access the menu again. Observe that voice works 
>correctly, mixing with the audio as it should.
>5. Stop the audio file.
>6. Access the menu again. Observe that voice does not speak.
>7. Play audio again. Observe that the last voice clip that should have 
>been played (but did not play) while audio was stopped is played.
>Btw, my Microsoft Sam voice file can be found at:
>I haven't bothered to tweak the default settings in makevoices.vbs at 
>all; I just made it to test the latest builds.
>James Teh
>MSN Messenger:
>Yahoo: jcs_teh
Received on 2006-04-10

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