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Subject: Re: Anti-skip buffer question

Re: Anti-skip buffer question

From: Jens Arnold <>
Date: 2006-04-28

On 27.04.2006, Brandon Low wrote:

> In normal conditions, you want the anti-skip buffer fairly
> small, about 2x the length of time that the HDD takes to spin
> up to ensure that the file buffer never runs empty during
> normal playback.

Hmm, the behaviour of the anti-skip buffer is still not quite
correct on the swcodec targets.

The anti-skip buffer is meant to be an *additional* buffer
margin for when the unit receives some bumping while rebuffering.

On archos it's implemeted like this. The standard low watermark
is calculated from the spinup time (using a safe default if not
yet available) plus a minimal margin, and the bitrate. The
anti-skip buffer is added to that, and it's possible to set it
to zero without causing skipping.

The swcodec implementation should be fixed, imho.

Regards, Jens
Received on Fri Apr 28 02:41:37 2006

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