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Subject: Re: Audio vs. iriver

Re: Audio vs. iriver

From: Kevin Doucet <>
Date: 2006-05-15


I have floundered for over a month trying to get the right version of
rock box and the boot loader to work on the Audio x5 to no avail. Can
you please, if you do indeed have your x5 working with speech, email
me with, either the files, or the direct URL to download the items I need?

I don't seem to be able to get it going on my own.

Please, help!

At 10:18 AM 5/14/2006 +0200, you wrote:

>I have an iAudio X5 with 60GB disc. I am very pleased.
>The file-system is limited to 10000 files and it might sound a lot but
>for 60GB it's not. I listen to audio-books and those have a lot of files
>and 60GB is very much space to fill.
>The original firmware includes a simple file-manager if you tell the
>device to act like an USB-Host. This allows you to copy files and
>yesterday i loaded the Rockbox firmware with this file-manager without
>any connection to my computer. I liked this :) Now I will se if I can do
>the same with Rockbox and switch back.
>The X5 have bios for USB and charging. When you plug in a switched off
>device to the charger or computer this original bios take handle. If the
>rockbox daily build is broken you can still put on the old one or the
>original firmware. I think this is nice.
>The X5 need a small docking-thing for USB-connection and charing. Though
>there is a small USB-host connector that does not need the
>docking-thing. This can act as a host for a camera or another iAudio or
>so if you like, or as a ordinary USB-port if that is needed. This is not
>very documented so I found out by trial-and-error. Don't know if this
>one works in rockbox though.
>Rockbox runs nicely but I think the original firmware make the battery
>last longer. Not quite sure though.
>To be honest. I like Rockbox and the idea of open source. But the
>original firmare in the X5 is quite good and therefor I have not decided
>to switch to rockbox permanently yet. I been travel a lot lately so the
>battery capacity is an issue for me and the main reason for keeping the
>original firmware.
>// Erik
>Brian wrote:
> > Does anyone actually have an iAudio? I'd like to hear about it from
> > someone who has one: what's the battery life, how is the sound, etc.
> >
> > On 5/13/06, *Michael DiFebbo * <
> > <>> wrote:
> >
> > Wilmer van der Gaast wrote:
> > > (The device refused to charge the internal battery after a bit more
> > > than a year, so I sent it in since the thing is supposed to be
> > under a
> > > two-year warranty, and then they tell me, after letting me wait for
> > > two months, that the thing got damaged because of water (while the
> > > thing *never* got wet or whatever, so it sounds like an excuse
> > to me)
> > > and they want to repair it only if I pay them more money than the
> > > thing actually costed me. Another month later, I still don't have my
> > > player back.)
> > >
> > >
> > I agree with you that this sounds like an excuse. Check out the H300
> > section on Mistic River ( This is a VERY
> > common problem with the H300.
> >
> >
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Kevin Doucet

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