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Subject: Daily build an archos recorder V1

Daily build an archos recorder V1

From: Thomas Heuving <>
Date: 2006-05-20

After several month I installed the newest daily build of rockbox
on my Archos Recoder V1. I wanted to try the new tagcache. Here are
my impressions:
1. My old configuration-file didn't work as expected. THe volume
   now can only be set in a range from -?? to +12. Before it was in
   a range from 0 to 100. My old setting of 80 was interpeted as 12,
   way to loud. First I could not hear anything, after lowering the
   volume a 12 was shown as before but now the volume was on the
   highest possible level - way to loud. There should be an explicit
   warning about this! Can I get the old behaviour back through some
   option which I didn't encounter?
2. I hadn't noticed but my wps wasn't loaded because now it has to
   reside in .rockbox/wps!?
3. Tagcache
   In short: It doesn't work on my box. First, settings like
   General Settings -> Playback -> Tag cache
   General Settings -> System -> Disk -> Directory Cache
   are not available.
   I tried to build the tagcache on my box (80G HD, 70G are filled),
   General Settings -> Playback -> Force tag cache update
   as described in the wiki.
   It ran for more than 1 and a half hour before I decided to stop
   the attempt (the wiki says it would take 5-10 minutes!).
   Afterwards I couldn't start my box. On startup there was a
   message regarding the tagcache, the disk spun up for some
   10 seconds and afterwards the unit showed the bootscreen until I
   shut the recorder down. Only solution was to delete all files related
   to the tagcache (luckily I hadn't flashed!).

Besides of that I use the new version (CVS-060518) without any other
problems. I hadn't updated for some time because there were reports
about problems with loading of the batteries. I have the impression that
the runtime now is better than in the old version, but had not the time
to look into that.


Thomas Heuving
Received on Sat May 20 20:03:34 2006

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