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Subject: Re: Daily build an archos recorder V1

Re: Daily build an archos recorder V1

From: Manuel Dejonghe <>
Date: 2006-05-21

On 5/20/06, Thomas Heuving <> wrote:
> After several month I installed the newest daily build of rockbox
> on my Archos Recoder V1. I wanted to try the new tagcache. Here are
> my impressions:
> 3. Tagcache
> In short: It doesn't work on my box. First, settings like
> General Settings -> Playback -> Tag cache
> General Settings -> System -> Disk -> Directory Cache
> are not available.
> I tried to build the tagcache on my box (80G HD, 70G are filled),
> using
> General Settings -> Playback -> Force tag cache update
> as described in the wiki.
> It ran for more than 1 and a half hour before I decided to stop
> the attempt (the wiki says it would take 5-10 minutes!).
> Afterwards I couldn't start my box. On startup there was a
> message regarding the tagcache, the disk spun up for some
> 10 seconds and afterwards the unit showed the bootscreen until I
> shut the recorder down. Only solution was to delete all files related
> to the tagcache (luckily I hadn't flashed!).

Hi Thomas,

I played around with the tagcache on my archos recorder v1 as well,
and had the same symptoms, the only difference is, that is works. I
agree it takes a long time. The wiki article is referring to the newer
SWCODEC devices, as some iPod-specific notes show. The tag cache
update takes a long time, and the first bootup takes long as well, but
afterwards it works fine. The second boot and afterwards are almost as
fast as usual.

Received on Sun May 21 02:23:43 2006

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