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Subject: voice UI stuff [was Re: Updated english.lang]

voice UI stuff [was Re: Updated english.lang]

From: James Teh <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 15:33:44 +1000

Hi Scott,
Cc'ing this to the Rockbox list for others - hope you don't mind.

ScottLearned wrote:
> I read in the manual and on
> the flyspray list that there is a quick menu that allows you to change
> shuffle, repeat and a few others, but they are nnot spoken with this .lang
> file.
Currently, the quick screen cannot be spoken without changes to the
Rockbox code. I can see this myself looking at the code, but it is a
little difficult to explain. Suffice it to say that menus presented with
the standard Rockbox menu code are automatically voiced, but the quick
screen is not a standard menu and therefore needs additional code for
the items to be spoken, which is not a trivial task. I don't quite
follow why the quick screen is non-standard or how it is different to
most menus, but i can definitely see that it isn't by looking at the
code. I'd have to spend a little more time examining it to work out why;
my understanding of Rockbox code is still very sketchy at best. Can
anyone else shed some light on this? I don't really even understand how
the quick screen works.

> If you have some time, could you please send me another current
> english.lang? I would really appreciate it.
The most up to date english.lang formatted for makevoices, including my
own changes (currently only the inclusion of the edit preset and remove
preset voice entries), can be found here:

> BTW, would you know if when deleting mp3 files/directories the .talk file
> asociated with it could also be deleted? This would make things a whole lot
> easier other than going back in and searching for those leftover buggers!
Only with changes to the code. Perhaps make a feature request on the

> Oh yes, also as a note, when going into the context menu while a track is
> playing, the volume option is spoken once, but nothing under sounds after
> that. If I scroll down a bit and select bass, treble or balance, it will
> change in realtime. Is this something that will be accessible to us in the
> near future? It sure would be nice to change these settings on the fly.
When you enter the sound settings menu while audio is playing, Rockbox
enters low latency mode so that sound setting changes will occur with
the lowest latency possible; i.e. almost immediately. It is not possible
for the voice UI to work in this low latency mode. As I understand it,
there is not enough audio with which to mix voice clips, as the amount
of audio in the output buffer gets shortened to lower the latency. I
have suggested that perhaps low latency mode could be disabled by a
setting and/or while a voice file is loaded, but this would mean rather
large latency if crossfade is enabled depending on crossfade settings. I
still think this would be better for me, particularly as I don't use
crossfade, but even if this does get implemented, it won't be until
after 3.0.


James Teh
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo: jcs_teh
Received on 2006-05-21

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