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Subject: Re: Does rockbox run better on X5 or Ipod?

Re: Does rockbox run better on X5 or Ipod?

From: Rocker <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 06:52:28 -0600

Hi Arneau! Here's an old post from Scott for your info...rocker:
*Which IPOD do you feel has the best responsiveness with the voice UI?
**The Nano definatly is more responsive. I was quite surprised on how well
Rockbox works on it compared with the Video, which by the way works great as
*Do both have the scroll wheel?
**Yes, they both do. They are physically identical except for their size
and where the headphone jacks are located. On the Nano It is on the bottom
right edge of the player compared to the Video which is on the top right.
*Does the scroll wheel move when it is in your pocket?
**No, since I use the cases made by Sena. The leather has a round hole the
same size as the scroll wheel which makes finding the perimeter quite easy.
The case I have has a magnetic flap that covers the scroll wheel. Remember,
the only tactile button on the Nano/Video is the hold switch on the top left
of the player. This unit is very streamline. Without a case I can tell you
it is a bit more of a challenge but definatly doable.
*Do you have any other thoughts on the IPOD with rockbox?
**I am amazed how far it has come since the end of March when I first
installed Rockbox on my Video. This played a big part in my decision to
purchase a Nano as well.

I'm not sure why, but currently the Nano seems to put out more bass when the
EQ is on.

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From: "Adrian Wiesmann" <>
To: "Rockbox" <>
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 1:30 AM
Subject: Re: Does rockbox run better on X5 or Ipod?

Hello all

On Mon, 22 May 2006 05:30:24 +0200
Arnaud <> wrote:

> do you think a blind could use a Nano at all?
> I could be interested in it for its size.

I am not sure. I have used Rockbox on different hardware now. Mostly on
some Archos FM Recorder and on an iPod Nano. While I love the Archos
device for its buttons I hate to control the iPod. Let me explain why:

The Archos has "normal" buttons which you can feel and touch without
pressing. These buttons all have some kind of "sign" on them which you can
try to "read" with your fingers. You can place your fingers on them and
you always know which button is what without having to look at the device.

When I try to do the same with the iPod, things become a mess. The touch
sensitive buttons on the iPod are what they are: touch sensitive. So when
I try to find my way to the right button I normally touch the wrong
buttons first resulting in some weird or unwanted action of the player.
Another bad behaviour is when I try to click the middle of that touch
wheel thingy. I normally not only press the middle but touch the "corner"
of the touchwheel before. Which deselects or changes the selection on
screen before I am able to execute my selection. Very annoying. Things are
normally better when I actually look at the device when working with it.
Something I never had to do with my Archos (once I learned the positions
of the buttons).

So while I am not blind nor experienced with the requirements of blind
users I guess a player with no touch sensitive button would be much more

Received on 2006-05-22

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