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Subject: Re: Daily build an archos recorder V1

Re: Daily build an archos recorder V1

From: Jens Arnold <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 20:51:09 +0200

On 31.05.2006, Thomas Heuving wrote:

> Thomas 'Ingrid' Heuving schrieb am Sun, 21 May 2006 11:40:01
> +0200:
>>> I played around with the tagcache on my archos recorder v1
>>> as well, and had the same symptoms, the only difference is,
>>> that is works. I agree it takes a long time. The wiki
>>> article is referring to the newer SWCODEC devices, as some
>>> iPod-specific notes show. The tag cache update takes a long
>>> time, and the first bootup takes long as well, but
>>> afterwards it works fine. The second boot and afterwards are
>>> almost as fast as usual.

>> I didn't finish the process, so I think I have to be
>> sufficiently
>> patient.
>> I will give it another shot then. I'm at home now and can
>> connect
>> the device to the charger so time doesn't matter that much.
>> And if
>> all goes wrong I can go to USB-Mode and delete the files
>> from my PC.
>> Last time I tried it "on the road" and wasn't amused about
>> the
>> draining batteries.

> After all I managed to build the tagcache in my Archos
> Recorder V1. Don't know how much time it took, I started it
> around midnight and today in the early morning it was done.
> Now startup time is in the range of several minutes, showing
> Committing tagcache
> [1/10]
> But when I try to use it, I get a message "Tagcache is not
> ready". That's a bit disappointing after waiting for so long
> ;-) Same behaviour with the daily build from the 18. as well
> as with the build from today. Or should I build the tagcache
> from scratch with the new daily build? As mentioned in my
> first post, there are two settings missing on my unit:
> General Settings -> Playback -> Tag cache
> General Settings -> System -> Disk -> Directory Cache I found

These settings are only present on the newer targets. The archos
targets have too little RAM to make dircache feasible. So the
only option on archos is to keep tagcache on disk, that's why
there is no setting.

> two files under the .rockbox-dir of my unit which I moved to
> another place, namely
> tagcache.tmp.tcd
> tagnavi.config
> After that startup was as fast as before. Is anybody
> interested in these files for an analysis?

Hmm, it seems something is going wrong with the tagcache build
and/or commit. The file tagcache_tmp.tcd shouldn't exist anymore
after the commit on boot. Instead, you should find

tagcache_N.tcd (where N=1..6) and

While building tagcache takes a while on archos, it should work
fine once it's built. On my recorder v1, the initial scan ("force
tagcache update") takes around 17 minutes, the commit on next
boot (counting from [1/10] to [10/10]) takes around 1.5 minutes.
After that, the tagcache is usable, and subsequent boots are as
fast as without tagcache. My unit has 4774 files on it (3330
music files), and 393 directories, according to the stats plugin.

Regards, Jens
Received on 2006-05-31

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