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Subject: Re: Daily build an archos recorder V1

Re: Daily build an archos recorder V1

From: Thomas Heuving <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 23:14:48 +0200

Jens Arnold schrieb am Wed, 31 May 2006 20:51:09 +0200:
>> After all I managed to build the tagcache in my Archos
>> Recorder V1. Don't know how much time it took, I started it
>> around midnight and today in the early morning it was done.
>> Now startup time is in the range of several minutes, showing
>> Committing tagcache
>> [1/10]
>> But when I try to use it, I get a message "Tagcache is not
>> ready". That's a bit disappointing after waiting for so long
>> ;-) Same behaviour with the daily build from the 18. as well
>> as with the build from today. Or should I build the tagcache
>> from scratch with the new daily build? As mentioned in my
>> first post, there are two settings missing on my unit:
>> General Settings -> Playback -> Tag cache
>> General Settings -> System -> Disk -> Directory Cache I found
> These settings are only present on the newer targets. The archos
> targets have too little RAM to make dircache feasible. So the
> only option on archos is to keep tagcache on disk, that's why
> there is no setting.

I will change the Wiki then.

>> two files under the .rockbox-dir of my unit which I moved to
>> another place, namely
>> tagcache.tmp.tcd
>> tagnavi.config
>> After that startup was as fast as before. Is anybody
>> interested in these files for an analysis?
> Hmm, it seems something is going wrong with the tagcache build
> and/or commit. The file tagcache_tmp.tcd shouldn't exist anymore
> after the commit on boot. Instead, you should find
> tagcache_N.tcd (where N=1..6) and
> tagcache_idx.tcd
> While building tagcache takes a while on archos, it should work
> fine once it's built. On my recorder v1, the initial scan ("force
> tagcache update") takes around 17 minutes, the commit on next
> boot (counting from [1/10] to [10/10]) takes around 1.5 minutes.
> After that, the tagcache is usable, and subsequent boots are as
> fast as without tagcache. My unit has 4774 files on it (3330
> music files), and 393 directories, according to the stats plugin.

I used find: 16461 files (15164 *.mp3) and 1130 dirs. I will try it
with the newer build from yesterday and report if it's working.
One last thought: I'm using rombox, and maybe that's the reason for

Thomas Heuving
Received on 2006-05-31

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