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Subject: Re: ipod

Re: ipod

From: Joseph Jones <>
Date: 2006-06-01

On 6/1/06, robert ramsay <> wrote:
> Hi from rob, thanks. Is the ipod or rockbox mp3 incoding only? If I have wav
> or other formats then I need to use some kind of format conversion.
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> From: "Barrett, Don" <>
> To: "Rockbox" <>
> Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 3:40 AM
> Subject: RE: ipod
> > If you go to the bookmarking menu and set bookmark on stop to yes, and
> > load last bookmark to yes, you will be able to stop and resume right
> > where you left off in a long file. I use it for reading books as well.
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> > On Behalf Of robert ramsay
> > Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 3:48 AM
> > To: Rockbox
> > Subject: ipod
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> > Hi from Rob, I have an ipod video gb60. I have rockbox installed with
> > the latest build. I have voicebox installed and have downloaded some
> > files in the hard drive. I can get the menus to work ok and read
> > directorys and filenames ok with the mp3 clips. When I select a
> > directory that takes me in to another group of selections like playlists
> > delete insert copy create directory and so on. I already have the
> > directory created from when I downloaded them from my computer. So how
> > do I get the player to play the mp3 files. I have the entire kjv read by
> > alexander scourby. I want to be able to select a book from the bible and
> > read the entire book, and set a bookmark if needed and resume when I
> > restart. I do know where the bookmark menus are: so I think I may be
> > able to figure that part of it out. Please advise. thanks for all of the
> > great work. Rob
> >

Do you mean playback? As far as I'm aware, the iPod firmware can only
play MP3s and those crazy Apple-specific files. But with Rockbox, I
*believe* it's capable of playing ogg, wav, etc. Certainly, that is
the case on other platforms, but maybe the iPod port's a bit raw
still, I don't have an iPod myself.

Joe Jones
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Received on Thu Jun 1 20:05:03 2006

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