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Subject: Re: iriver Bugs

Re: iriver Bugs

From: Mark Arigo <>
Date: 2006-06-06

Seeking works if you seek to a point within the file
buffer. If you seek outside the current file buffer
and cause a rebuffer, then seeking fails. There is a
patch for this on the tracker,, but as far
as I know it hasn't been applied yet because while it
fixes flac seeking, it's not clear if it breaks
seeking for other codecs. I haven't noticed any
regressions, but I don't ffwd much, so please test.

Also, this patch is required for proper flac resuming
if the resume point is outside initial buffered


--- Magnus Holmgren <> wrote:

> Grant Hardy wrote:
> > Here are a few bugs pertaining to the H340 that
> should probably be
> > resolved prior to 3.0...
> >
> > 1. The seek functions don't work in .flac files,
> they simply return you
> > to the beginning of the file.
> Seeking in flac currently only works if the file
> contains a seek table
> (you can use metaflac to view and create seek
> tables).
> The latest daily builds should simply ignore seek
> attempts for files
> without a seek table though.
> Magnus

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Received on Tue Jun 6 15:48:55 2006

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