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Subject: Re: Another happy user (H140)

Re: Another happy user (H140)

From: James Teh <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 10:14:43 +1000

If a feature to jump back to the WPS after hitting left from the root in
the file browser is implemented, can this please be configurable? I am
blind and while Rockbox does have speech for filenames, I don't always
want to use it and hitting left repetitively is a great way to make sure
I'm back at the root without having to wait for the speech to finish.
Even if this wasn't the default, I'd be happy to change it.


Christopher Woods wrote:
> Agreed, you just tilt it a little bit so the sunshine doesn't directly
> reflect off the case and bingo: you can read it.
> I REALLY dig that fade out on the LCD backlight, when I first saw it I
> actually went "ooooooooo" :D
> Found and successfully installed the fonts, nice one. I noted on the
> wiki that if you put fonts into the .rb/fonts dir, it will autoload them
> - if you want to change themes and have the fonts auto-load, what's the
> best way to do it? Put the fonts into the same directory as the wps files?
> I have noticed one or two odd behaviours with RB which I was wondering
> if someone with more experience could clear up...
> For instance, when you press and hold the joystick to load the context
> menu with the EQ setitngs, Open With..., Playlist, bookmarks and Pitch,
> it's simple to navigate back out of that menu - you just nudge the
> joystick left, and you're back at the Now Playing screen. Similarly,
> pressing the A-B button cycles through what I estimate to be the 'main'
> menu and the Now Playing menu. The same goes for if you hold the A-B to
> get to the Shuffle / Repeat options screen, you just hit A-B to get back
> to Now Playing.
> However, if you're in the tree view, navigating left and left to get to
> the root, doesn't take you back to the Now Playing screen once you've
> reached the root and you nudge the joystick left again (which is what
> you'd logically expect to happen, and is what happens if you're in the
> iRiver firmware, you nudge left or tap the stop button until you reach
> the root and the next time you do it you go back to the now playing
> screen). Hitting stop whilst in the tree view stops the audio (dur), and
> hitting play is the only button which seemingly takes you back to Now
> Playing - it's not a huge deal at the end of the day, it's more of a UI
> consideration, would it be hard to modify the behaviour of the left
> nudge joystick action whilst in the tree view to make it take you back
> to the Now Playing screen instead of doing nothing? Then its behaviour
> would fall in line with the other menus.
> Also, I know it's probably dependent on the WPS configuration for each
> theme, but is there any easy way to enable VU meters on the Now Playing
> screen? I know there's a VU meter plugin in the Plugins directory, but
> having a simple VU on the main screen is one of the few things I miss
> from the original f/w.
> I'm really digging this precaching on track skip though, finally *true
> gapless*! I gave it a quick test with a mixed album I have, 320kbps MP3
> and it transitioned from one track to the next absolutely flawlessly,
> not even a pop or a slight jump in the audio. I'm really impressed. And
> the dynamically-changing fast forward speed as you scan through a file
> (slow, then fast and then slows down as you approach the end of the
> file) - that's inspired! The amount of times I've tried to fast forward
> to near the end of a file and ended up skipping to the next track.

James Teh
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo: jcs_teh
Received on 2006-06-09

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