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Subject: i fixed my old archos!

i fixed my old archos!

From: Fabian Merki <>
Date: 2006-06-11

hi guys

a few months ago i couldn't charge my archos anymore because the female part of the power plug was very loose. since it was inside the box - even between the two little boards - i didn't even try to fix it... because i didn't want to spent yet another 500 francs (dollers, euros ...) i tried it and the result is excellent.

what i did: first i tried to get the two boards apart so that i could resold the plug - while doing that suddently the plug felt out! so i was able to see how it was mounted to the board and by using three short cables i soldered it on - now the plug is outside of the device and after i charged my batteries for a while i was able to start rockbox again!

i think if it wasn't rockbox in the box i didn't try and just bought a new one...

thanks for everything (tips about disassembling the unit, for rockbox itself ...)!

btw: my next project will probably be "fix my h120..." - there the battery is broken... ;-(

Received on Sun Jun 11 14:36:42 2006

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