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Subject: Re: changes to voice files

Re: changes to voice files

From: James Teh <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:09:20 +1000

alex wallis wrote:
> i've just been on the rockbox website to update rockbox and i see the
> speech files have changed according to it what exactly has been done to
> them?
The language files were restructured and reorganised somewhat, which
broke compatibility with the old voice files.

> secondly what is this hovering thing all about some kind of option
> to only voice things while hovering i think.
This refers to the speaking of mp3 clips to voice file names and
directories. If you enable this, Rockbox will look for mp3 clips to
speak while as you move to files and directories. See the Rockbox wiki
for more info.

> also is it me or is the speech buggy? several times while going thru the
> menus in different places using the read US english voice it jus
> suddenly went mad and started reading loads and loads of stuff not even
> in the menus all about battery type, then it started saying different
> units of time and then it began to recite the alphabet does anyone no if
> this is a bug with speech generally or the voice file in particular.
Weird. This bug was fixed in April for me, so perhaps it has returned.
Are you running the latest daily/cvs build?

> also could someone fill me in why have the naturally speaking voices
> been removed? i liked paul he was a nice clear voice.
> personally and i no everyones going to be shooting me down over this one
> but its my oppinion so ile state it. who cares if we officially aren't
> allowed to use the naturally speaking voices i mean who ran and told the
> manufacturer for starters. what they don't no can't hert them ...
It is very likely that no one "ran and told them". Everyone can access a
web site, everyone can use a search engine, and with a project the size
of Rockbox, there is a high chance of it being discovered.

> and if we are questioning issues of legality here i'm sure that all the
> other manufacturers of voices would have something to say about there
> voices being used
The point is that they haven't said anything. AT&T has. Unfortunately,
their license does actually prevent such use of their voices. Rockbox
has to comply with such requests for several reasons, one of which being
that the Rockbox crew don't want to be seen as people connoting illegal
> and in fact i bet if you asked them iriver would say
> that they wern't happy about there firmware being patched or people
> using that BDM wiggler thing to find out about the skimatics of the player.
That is why the patched firmware is not distributed directly by Rockbox.
If you patch the firmware, it is your responsibility. It is very likely
that Iriver know, but they haven't said a thing; possibly turning a
"blind eye" because there is no real reason for them to care. Besides,
reverse engineering is legal in many places, although the definition of
reverse engineering is a rather complex topic.


James Teh
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo: jcs_teh
Received on 2006-06-13

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