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Subject: RE: trouble running Voicebox script

RE: trouble running Voicebox script

From: Aman Singer <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:20:03 -0400

        This may indicate that your windows scripting host is either not
properly registered or not properly installed. Were I you, I'd follow the
instructions at;en-us;Q311269
                All I can suggest otherwise is that you make sure your
windows scripting host is properly installed, possibly reinstalling it's
latest version. The latest version for XP is available at
        Below is a message by Brian Wolven, the main author of the voicebox
script, on testing the Windows Scripting Host you already have installed.
-----Original Message-----

Yes, I'm still lurking about in the shadows. =)

The HTA is just a more convenient interface to the script, so if there is a
problem with the WSH (windows script host) installation itself, neither will

work properly. If you could open up a command prompt and type the following:

cscript /?

you should see the following:

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

Usage: CScript scriptname.extension [option...] [arguments...]

  //B Batch mode: Suppresses script errors and prompts from
  //D Enable Active Debugging
  //E:engine Use engine for executing script
  //H:CScript Changes the default script host to CScript.exe
  //H:WScript Changes the default script host to WScript.exe (default)
  //I Interactive mode (default, opposite of //B)
  //Job:xxxx Execute a WSF job
  //Logo Display logo (default)
  //Nologo Prevent logo display: No banner will be shown at execution
  //S Save current command line options for this user
  //T:nn Time out in seconds: Maximum time a script is permitted to
  //X Execute script in debugger
  //U Use Unicode for redirected I/O from the console

If you don't have WSH version 5.6 installed, then you're not likely to get
anything to work. Are you running Windows XP or windows 2000? If you are,
WSH should already be installed. If you're running an older consumer version
windows (95, 98, ME) then you can get the WSH installer here:

From: [] On
Behalf Of Woody Anna Dresner
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 4:42 AM
Subject: trouble running Voicebox script


I just installed Rockbox on a 2 GB iPod Nano, and I am thrilled to have a
talking interface because I'm totally blind. It's so very cool to have
everything talk, and amazing that people would go to all this trouble and
offer the results free. Thanks!

I tried to run the Voicebox script to generate voice clips for the files and
folders on my iPod, but I got an error saying there was a scripting error on
line 98, char 3, "ActiveX component can't create object
'Scripting.FileSystemObject' Code:0". I'm running Windows XP Professional,
SP2. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

Received on 2006-06-15

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