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Subject: Re: charging questions

Re: charging questions

From: Tom Cole <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 10:06:00 +1200

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 22:06:20 +1000, James Teh <> wrote:

>Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
>> James Teh wrote:
>>> Sorry, this is not what I meant. The idle timeout does indeed trigger as
>>> it should when the charger is disconnected, but my point is that the
>>> user should be able to shut down Rockbox while on charge and then
>>> disconnect with Rockbox powering off upon disconnect.
>> I don't get it. Why would it be so much more difficult to shut down the
>> player after charging it than while it is charging? And why even
>> consider waiting for the idle timeout instead of shutting it down
>> manually? I'm confused.
>Scenario: user is using player while charging, then wants to shut down,
>key lock and go to bed, leaving the player to charge overnight. User
>then wants to quickly disconnect the unit from charger the next morning
>and drop in a bag, rather than having to disengage key lock, power off
>and re-engage. Of course, user could simply just avoid key lock after
>use in the first place. As I said, it isn't a huge inconvenience, but it
>seems to be inconsistent with most expected behaviour and the existing
>behaviour when an Archos is connected to power, although Jens noted taht
>the charging screen might be removed which would eliminate this latter
>inconsistency. Also, in future on the H300, to be consistent, if Rockbox
>boots as soon as power is connected rather than dropping into a charging
>screen, Rockbox must be loaded and auto resume may engage, meaning the
>user would have to wait and stop playback after the charger is connected.

The main purpose of the charging screen in the Archos machines is to
show that the unit is running in a reduced power consumption state. i.e.
the hard drive is not powered up. This is to allow flat batteries to be
charged up by simply plugging in the charger. Pressing "On" from this
state will start the Archos normally and allow it to browse and play
music, etc.

If plugging in the charger caused the unit to attempt to start normally
and spin up the HD, the batteries may not have enough power to do this
and the unit would then shut down. This would mean that the user would
not be able to charge flat batteries in the machine.
Received on 2006-06-27

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