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Subject: Re: charging questions

Re: charging questions

From: Jens Arnold <>
Date: 2006-06-27

On 26.06.2006, James Teh wrote:

> Tom Cole wrote:
>> The main purpose of the charging screen in the Archos
>> machines is to show that the unit is running in a reduced
>> power consumption state. i.e. the hard drive is not powered
>> up. This is to allow flat batteries to be charged up by
>> simply plugging in the charger. Pressing "On" from this state

h, right, almost forgot about that. However, this is *only* true
for the recorder v1. The player and the recorder fm/v2 have
hardware controlled charging and should charge even if the
firmware isn't functional.

>> will start the Archos normally and allow it to browse and
>> play music, etc.
> Would this not apply to the Iriver H300 as well once the
> bootloader is patched? I have heard of instances of the unit
> not being able to boot due to a very flat battery, although in
> the H300 case, the charging is done in hardware so it's only
> cosmetic.

Yes, see above.

Now that got reminded about the real purpose of the charging
screen, I tend to think that it's a good thing, *but*: if we
don't want to break car adapter mode (a very useful feature for
a number of usere), then we can only have a charging screen on
units where we have a means to store some settings elsewhere
than on the harddrive. We need to check for the car adapter mode
setting before powering on the harddisk.

Regards, Jens
Received on Tue Jun 27 07:31:58 2006

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